React Native Toast like component works on Both IOS and Android


A react native toast like component , it works on IOS and Android.

Features of React Native Tiny Toast:

  • Support iPhone X, XS, XS Max & XR.
  • Support both Android and IOS.
  • Custom icon and style and so on.
  • Use native ActivityIndicator.

Demo Screenshot

react native toast


How To Install?


npm i react-native-tiny-toast --save


yarn add react-native-tiny-toast

Getting started:

import Toast from 'react-native-tiny-toast''This is a default toast')

Toast.showSuccess('Pay success')'Custom toast',{
  textStyle: {},
  imgSource: require('xxx'),
  imgStyle: {},
  mask: true,

const toast = Toast.showLoading('Loading...')
setTimeout(() => {
  // Recommend
  // or Toast.hide()
  // If you don't pass toast,it will hide the last toast by default.
 }, 3000)

Using a Component

import React, {Component} from 'react-native'
import Toast from 'react-native-tiny-toast'

class Example extends Component {
      visible: false
    componentDidMount() {
        setTimeout(() => this.setState({
            visible: true
        }), 1000); 

        setTimeout(() => this.setState({
            visible: false
        }), 3000);

    render() {
              // onHidden
            }}>This is a message



Name Default Type Description
containerStyle null Custom container style
duration Toast.durations.SHORT Number Toast duration(ms), won’t disappear if value is 0
delay 0 Number The delay duration before toast start appearing on screen.
animationDuration 200 Number Animation duration
visible false Boolean Show toast. (Only for Toast Component)
position Toast.position.bottom Number 0 means the middle of the screen.A negative number indicates the distance to the bottom of the screen.A positive number indicates the distance to the top of the screen.
animation true Boolean Whether to enable fade animation
shadow false Boolean Whether to enable shadow
shadowColor #000 String Shadow color (don’t support android)
showText true Boolean Whether to show text
textColor #fff String Text color
textStyle null Text Style
mask false(true when showLoading) Boolean Whether to enable mask
maskColor rgba(0,0,0,0.3) String Mask background color
maskStyle null Mask style
imgSource null Image.source Image source
imgStyle null Image Style
loading false(true when showLoading) Boolean Whether to show loading
indicatorSize large String or Number Set the ActivityIndicator size,Currently only specific values can be set on Android.
onHidden null Function Triggered when toast’s hide animation end
onMaskPress null Function Triggered when the mask is clicked
Method Type Description
show(text, options) Function Show toast
showSuccess(text, options) Function Show toast with success icon
showLoading(text, options) Function Show toast with ActivityIndicator
hide(toast) Function If you don’t pass toast,it will hide the last toast by default.

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