Instagram Like Zoomable Image Using Native Animation

Instagram Like Zoomable Image Using Native Animation In React Native React Native Gesture Handler powered, zoomable image component just like Instagram has. The library uses react-native-gesture-handler to handle animations at the native level to prevent bloating JS thread. Installation And Usage Install Using NPM Or YARN. npm install --save rn-instagram-image or yarn add rn-instagram-image Usage:
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React Native Material date picker component

React Native Material Date Picker Component Today I am Share a Material Date Picker Component for react-native. Which is very easy to use. Features Easy usage. Material design. Easy localizable. ScreenShot Installation And Usage Install Using NPM Or YARN. npm install --save react-native-material-date-picker or yarn add react-native-material-date-picker Usage import { ModalDatePicker } from "react-native-material-date-picker"; const
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Send EMails In PHP Using PHPMailer

PHPMailer is perhaps the most popular open-source PHP library to send emails with. It was first released way back in 2001. In this Blog Post , We will discuss why you should use phpmailer instead of PHP’s mail() Function, We also have added Some Sample Codes for You to get Started. What are Advantages Of PHPMailer
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Loader Using Pure CSS

Loader Animation Using Pure CSS Today We are Going to Create Loader Animation using Just CSS  Circle Loader Animation  Square Loader Animation  Also Check Out : Follow Us On Social Media:

Lightweight React/React Native Countdown Circle Timer

react-countdown-circle-timer React/React Native countdown timer component in a circle shape with color and progress animation. Countdown animation independently optimized for the Web and Mobile Transition between colors during the countdown Fully customizable content in the center of the circle a11y support Built-in and ready-to-use TypeScript type definitions. React yarn add react-countdown-circle-timer   Check out the full documentation for
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